Patricia was fed up with watching her cousin Jack showing off, throwing balls of paper into the bin, he just didn’t seem to miss. OK, so they were both bored that Sunday afternoon, but why did he have to show off all the time, it was as if he was always trying to impress her! Jack was getting too confident and he challenged Patricia to a bet, he said she could try to put him off any way she wanted but he could still get the paper into the waste bin, and if he did she had to give him a kiss. This was perfect, she knew Jack had a crush on her and all she had to do was flash her bobs and he’d miss for sure, but even if she did lose she wouldn’t have to kiss him as she had a surprise which would make him run out the room! As Jack lined up his shot Patricia took off her top and rubbed her tits. Jack was shocked and he threw the paper high into the air, but as it hit the ceiling it bounced off at an angle and landed on Patricia, bouncing off her huge tits and into the bin. Before Patricia could reveal her surprise Jack was his lips clamped on her breast sucking like a thirsty baby. As he chewed on her large bullet nipples Patricia withdrew her massive meaty tranny cock, expecting Jack to see it and flee from her. To her surprise Jack barely flinched at it, it was as if he not only expected to see it, but couldn’t wait to bend over, spread his butt checks and take a long hard ass fucking! Patricia fucked him long hard and deep in his ass as he screamed for more – I guess this was taking the term ‘kissing cousins’ to a whole new level..

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